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"One Man's Hero" tells the little-known story of the "St. Patrick's Battalion" or "San Patricios," a group of mostly Irish, and other immigrants of the Catholic religion, who deserted to ...DOWNLOAD

















































"One Man's Hero" tells the little-known story of the "St. Patrick's Battalion" or "San Patricios," a group of mostly Irish, and other immigrants of the Catholic religion, who deserted to Mexico after encountering religious and ethnic prejudice in the U.S. Army during the Mexican-American War. The plot centers around the personal story of John Riley, an Irishman who had been a Sergeant in the American Army, who is commissioned as a Captain in the Mexican Army, and commands the battalion, as he leads his men in battle, and struggles with authorities on both sides of the border. Tom Berenger is a good actor, and the movie is generally well put together. But this is the ultimate in Politically Correct liberal "history", and as some reviewers have already written, it will indeed appeal to the political far-Left.

The San Patricios were deserters and traitors who deserved to be hanged as a group - and they were. And that is a well-known historical fact, not a spoiler. I don't care how badly they MAY have been treated by the U.S. Army; what they did was despicable and treason, and they killed many Americans while firing on the U.S. flag.

But beyond that, this film depicts the United States as The Great Satan, to borrow the Ayatollah Khomeini's description, while such Mexican massacres as in the recent Texas war at Goliad and the Alamo where prisoners were bayonetted, is never mentioned. Such is the one-sided nature of this polemical film.

As for the U.S. occupying Mexican territory, it may have been unjust, but was inevitable for the future growth of what would be a stable democracy with a prospering economy. It was best for the U.S. and best for the world. Or would one argue that having California and Arizona and the other states be today just another part of an overcrowded, corrupt, and poverty-stricken country filled with drug lords - instead of part of the United States - would have been a better result??

I even read a leftist reviewer use this film as an excuse to attack critics of the current massive Open Door immigration policy that is flooding America with the Third World poor. Anyone who could see the overcrowded and jammed public schools classrooms in New York City or Los Angeles would think differently.

As I said, a generally well made movie - except for the one-sided and anti-American plot. But America-hating leftists will LOVE it for that same reason. First of all it was good to see a movie about this obscure portion of the history. Even in Mexico is little known the San Patricio's aid in the Mexican-American war. I've read some of the other user's reviews and I'm tired of listening that in the Mexican-American War the U.S. had better weapon and that Santa Anna was president. That's false. First read history books (both sides). Santa Anna was exiled at that time. He returns because the liberal party had won the control of the capital after a series of disastrous political and military conservative officer's governments just after the same Santa Anna want to start a monarchy-style government in late 1843, that was overthrown by the liberals that was overthrown by the conservatives in a series of uprisings from 1845 to 1846. He promises to the U.S. that he put and end to the war. He lies (partially because he was so BAD that actually helped the U.S. to win the war) and led the defense of the country. The Mexican military was exhausted by the series of uprisings from 1840-1846 and the government was in a "technical" bankruptcy, and the generals who led them were poor prepared and had an EGO from here to the center of the galaxy. That's why the artillery was bad served, and bad positioned. For example in one of the last battles of the war at the outskirts of Mexico city (Churubusco Battle) the defenders had to surrender because they had no ammunition. That's partially true. The defenders really had tons of ammunition but for another type of gun, that supposedly was destined for another army (the man in charge of the supplies never explain that fault, some historians argue that he thought that the army at Churubusco was a regular army, in reality was an army of volunteers with more older weapons). So the soldiers start to throw the bullets to the attackers with their hands!. It has every element necessary to be a classic, and it never comes anywhere near achieving that potential.


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